1-10 www. m oxa. com Embrace Edge-to-Core Industrial Ethernet Infrastructure 1 Industrial Ethernet Switches Industrial Ethernet Switches > Versatile Layer 2 Industrial Network Management Optimized Network Designs for High Availability Easy Network Management Network reliability is essential for industrial Ethernet infrastructures. To maximize system reliability and uptime during network failures, Moxa offers Turbo Ring and Turbo Chain Ethernet network redundancy technologies throughout a wide range of industrial managed switch solutions that are designed from the very start for high availability. Turbo Ring is a proprietary self-healing protocol that supports three topology options, including ring-coupling, dual ring, and dual homing, to enable fast fault recovery in less than 20 ms (tested at a full load of 250 switches). Turbo Chain, a highly flexible self-healing Ethernet redundancy technology, is designed to go beyond the current limitations of redundant ring technology by easily connecting and extending existing redundant networks. Turbo Chain technology also supports IEEE 802.1w/802.1D-2004 RSTP and STP protocols. Moxa’s industrial Ethernet solutions can simplify and optimize network designs with superior availability, reliability, flexibility to deliver large savings on deployment time and cost. Moxa’s managed Ethernet switches are certified to be compliant with PROFINET, Modbus/TCP, and EtherNet/IP industrial Ethernet protocols to allow effortless integration with industrial SCADA/HMI/PLC systems. Moxa’s managed switches ensure seamless interoperability with major industrial Ethernet automation networks without the need for additional switch configuration/modification. Turbo Ring: Enabling Ring and Media Redundancy V-ON: Ensure Always-on Video on L2/L3 Networks • Fast fault recovery < 20 ms • Flexible ring topology • Lower total cost of ownership Combining proprietary technologies to achieve millisecond recovery, V-ON™ ensures a nonstop industrial network for data, voice, and video communication in mission-critical environments. This unique V-ON™ technology is setting a new standard in fast recovery on Layer 2 (less than 50 ms) and Layer 3 (less than 300 ms) recovery by integrating these technologies: • Path redundancy: Turbo Ring and Turbo Chain. • Router redundancy: Fast VRRP for millisecond redundancy • Protocol optimization: Layer 2 Multicast fast forwarding and Layer 3 Multicast local route • Fast fault recovery < 20 ms • Unlimited redundant network expansions • Live node expansion without network interruptions • Tremendous savings on cabling cost Turbo Chain: Build Complex Redundant Networks Quickly and Easily Real-world testing of Turbo Chain with 250 EDS switches