9-6 www. m oxa. com Terminal Servers > 9 Terminal Servers Secure Terminal Servers NPort® 6000 secure terminal servers provide serial-to-Ethernet connectivity that is both reliable and secure. They can be used to connect any serial device to an Ethernet network using a variety of operation modes—Real COM, TCP Server, TCP Client, UDP, RFC2217, Pair Connection, Ethernet Modem, Terminal, Reverse Terminal, Printer, and Dial in/out. For applications that require data security, such as banking, telecom, access control, and remote site management, secure modes are also available—Secure TCP Server, Secure TCP Client, Secure Pair-Connection, Secure Real COM, and Secure Terminal modes. Network security is a critical issue for certain applications. It is especially important when data is transmitted over the Internet where it is vulnerable to interception by third parties. The NPort® 6000 secure terminal servers use SSL to implement secure data transmission for Secure TCP Server, Secure TCP Client, Secure Pair Connection, and Secure Real COM modes. The NPort®’s drivers follow the SSL standard and automatically negotiate the encryption key. To prevent hacker attacks, the NPort® will automatically switch from DES/3DES to AES encryption. Secure Data Communication with SSL Secure Terminal Servers For mission-critical applications, data collected from a serial connection device must be safeguarded in case the Ethernet network gets disconnected. The NPort® 6000 provides exceptionally reliable data transmission by saving serial data to an internal 64 KB port buffer if the Ethernet connection fails. When the Ethernet network is reconnected, data in the buffer is automatically released and sent to the appropriate destination. For the NPort® 6250, 6450, and 6650, this buffer can be expanded by installing an SD card. Port Buffering that Preserves Data if the Ethernet Connection Fails Reliable Data Communication Safe Data Communication