9-7 www.mo xa .c o m 9 Terminal Servers > Serial Connectivity Secure Terminal Servers Ethernet Port Expansion (NPort® 6450/6600 only) Although more and more devices are now Ethernet-ready, many legacy devices only provide a serial interface. The main purpose of a device server is to connect serial devices to an Ethernet network, allowing engineers to integrate all of their devices into an Ethernet environment. A problem can arise if both Ethernet-ready and legacy serial devices need to be connected at the same location. The NPort® 6000 can use the Ethernet expansion module to add additional Ethernet ports, effectively allowing operation as a combination Ethernet switch and device server. By using the NPort® 6000’s Ethernet expansion modules, users no longer need to invest in a more expensive switch or hub to connect every device. Modules are available for different Ethernet media, including copper Ethernet, multimode fiber, and single-mode fiber. Ethernet expansion modules can also be used to create a cascading topology, in which device servers are connected to each other in a daisy chain arrangement. Ethernet Ring Topology with Fast Recovery (NPort® 6450/6600 only) NPort® 6000 secure terminal servers support the Turbo Ring protocol for cascade topologies. With Turbo RingTM , if any segment of the daisy-chain ring is disconnected, the network will recover in less than 300 ms. Ethernet Serial Fiber 1RJ45Ethernetport 1fiberEthernetport (single-ormulti-mode) 2fiberEthernetports (single-ormulti-mode) 2RJ45Ethernetports Interchangeable modules for Ethernet expansion