10-47 www.mo xa .c o m Serial Connectivity NPort® IA5000 Series Serial-to-Ethernet Device Servers > 10 The NPort® IA5150 and IA5250 device servers each have two Ethernet ports that can be used as Ethernet switch ports. One port connects directly to the network or server, and the other port can be connected NPort® IA5000 Series 1 and 2-port serial device servers for industrial automation NPort® IA device servers provide easy and reliable serial-to-Ethernet connectivity for industrial automation applications. The device servers can connect any serial device to an Ethernet network, and to ensure compatibility with network software, they support a variety of port operation modes, including TCP Server, TCP Client, and UDP. The rock-solid reliability of the NPort® IA device servers makes them an ideal choice for establishing network access to RS-232/422/485 serial devices such as PLCs, sensors, meters, motors, drives, barcode readers, and operator displays. All models are housed in a compact, rugged housing that is DIN-rail mountable. to another either NPort® IA device server or another Ethernet device. The dual Ethernet ports help reduce wiring costs by eliminating the need to connect each device to a separate Ethernet switch. Cascading Ethernet Ports Make Wiring Easy (10/100BaseTX models only) Overview › ›Socket modes: TCP server/TCP client/UDP › ›Patented ADDC® (automatic data direction control) for 2-wire and 4-wire RS-485 › ›Cascading Ethernet ports for easy wiring (applies only to RJ45 connectors) › ›Redundant DC power inputs › ›Warning by relay output and e-mail › ›10/100BaseTX (RJ45) or 100BaseFX (single mode or multi-mode with SC connector) › ›IP30-rated housing The NPort® IA5000 device servers have two power inputs that can be connected simultaneously to live DC power sources. If one power source fails, the other source takes over automatically. Redundant power inputs help assure that your device server will operate nonstop. Redundant Power Inputs Dual Power Inputs