11-4 www. m oxa. com Embedded Device Servers > Embedded Device Servers 11 Go Ethernet with Thumb-Sized Serial-to-Ethernet Solutions Powered by the MiiNe, Moxa’s 2nd generation SoC, the MiiNePort makes your device more powerful and cost- effective. Want to minimize the power consumption of your device while maximizing its strength? The MiiNePort can help. As the world’s smallest serial-to- Ethernet module, the thumb-sized MiiNePort maximizes your design flexibility. Moxa’s NetEZ technology gives serial device manufacturers a range of powerful tools for integrating Ethernet capability into serial devices. Go Ethernet with Thumb-Sized Serial-to-Ethernet Solutions Are you concerned about cost, design flexibility, and power consumption? Moxa understands what you need! To serve this demand, Moxa developed the MiiNePort series family, the world’s tiniest and most innovative embedded serial-to-Ethernet device server. Moxa’s MiiNePort series embedded device servers are designed for manufacturers who want to add sophisticated network connectivity to their serial devices with minimal integration effort. Moxa’s second generation SoC, the MiiNe, was created to provide device manufacturers with a competitive embedded serial-to-Ethernet solution. The MiiNePort embedded device server, which uses the MiiNe for its SoC, is the world’s tiniest embedded device server and has the lowest power consumption among similar products. The MiiNe SoC has the following features: • Designed for 1 or 2-port serial-to-Ethernet applications • Uses a 32-bit ARM core • Uses Moxa’s advanced UART technology • Has 2 MB Flash and 4 MB SDRAM memory built in MOXA MiiNe (196-pin CPU) Ethernet Signals GPIO I2 C Timer MAC Ethernet SDRAM (4 MB) FLASH (2 MB) POWER System Watchdog Timer PHY UART SPI 8-pin Connector Introduction to Embedded Device Servers Embedded device servers give serial device manufacturers a cost- effective means of making serial devices network-ready. Moxa provides a wide range of embedded device servers with products available to provide either wired or wireless Ethernet communication capability. With Moxa’s embedded device servers, device manufactures can easily turn their legacy serial devices into network devices with a minimum of investment and effort. In fact, since TCP/IP expertise is not required, time-to-market can be reduced to the three- to six-month range. Compared with other solutions on the market, Moxa’s embedded device server products give serial device manufacturers ready access to a unique set of features: • Different form factors for different installation types • Versatile, ready-to-use operation modes • Thumb-sized footprint minimizes overall device size • Low power consumption maximizes device system stability • NetEZ technology makes device manufacturers’ job and life easier The MiiNe is a Lean yet Powerful Serial-to-Ethernet Solution