11-5 www.mo xa .c o m Embedded Device Servers > 11 Go Ethernet with Thumb-Sized Serial-to-Ethernet Solutions Serial Connectivity Drop-in Form Factor: Drop-in modules come with DIP pins or pin headers to make assembly easy. This kind of module has a smaller footprint and it is perfect for device manufacturers who have size concerns for their devices. Moxa’s Drop-in Modules: MiiNePort E2, MiiNePort W1. Stand-alone Form Factor: Stand-alone modules come with pin headers and screw mounting holes for device manufacturers to connect and fix the modules to the device’s mainboard. This kind of module has a bigger footprint compared to the drop-in form factor, but it still provides sufficient flexibility for placing the module in the device without making large changes to the device’s original mainboard design. Moxa Stand-alone Modules: MiiNePort E3. Moxa’s NetEZ technology gives serial device manufacturers a range of powerful tools for integrating Ethernet capability into serial devices: • EZPage: Need a module that allows direct communication with the attached serial device? Use the MiiNePort’s EZPage Java Applet to create a visual web page for configuring and communicating with the attached serial device. • EZPower: Need a module that provides a versatile system power input voltage? Use the MiiNePort’s EZPower to switch automati- cally between a 3.3 and 5 VDC system power input. • AutoCFG: Tired of spending a large amount of time and effort setting up a network? Not anymore! The MiiNePort’s AutoCFG makes auto-configuration during manufacturing possible. • MCSC: Ever wanted your device to be a server and client at the same time? The MiiNePort’s MCSC (Multi-channel Serial Communication) provides dual connections and dual channels for multitask applications. • SCM: Need an easy tool to configure the network through serial communication inside the device? Try MiiNePort’s friendly SCM (Serial Command Mode). Different form factors for different installation types NetEZ Technology