13 13-7 www.mo xa .c o m Industrial USB > Introduction to USB Connectivity Device Connectivity When using a UPort® to connect a serial device to your PC, it may be necessary to determine the COM port number assigned to the serial device. A new tool provided by Moxa gives engineers a handy means of monitoring the COM port number of the device. When the UPort® is plugged into your computer’s USB port, a UPort® icon will be placed in the Windows System Tray located in the lower right corner of the desktop. Simply position the cursor over the UPort® icon, and an information window showing the COM port number will pop up. When two or more UPorts are connected to the same computer, the pop-up window will show the COM numbers for all of the UPorts. Interface No. of Ports Model Name RS-232 1 UPort® 1110 2 UPort® 2210 4 UPort® 1410 UPort® 2410 8 UPort® 1610-8 16 UPort® 1610-16 RS-422/485 1 UPort® 1130/1130I RS-232/422/485 1 UPort® 1150/1150I 2 UPort® 1250/1250I 4 UPort® 1450/1450I 8 UPort® 1650-8 16 UPort® 1650-16 USB Hubs USB-to-Serial Converters Interface No. of Ports Model Name USB 4 UPort® 204 4 UPort® 404 7 UPort® 207 7 UPort® 407 4 UPort® 404-T 7 UPort® 407-T If both UPorts are unplugged from the computer, and UPort® D2 has been plugged back in, the computer will assign COM10 and COM11 to the UPort’s serial ports. When UPort® D1 is plugged back in, COM numbers COM12 and COM13 will be assigned the UPort’s serial ports. When “Fixed-base COM Mode” is enabled for the first time, all COM port numbers and serial port parameters will be reset to their default values. You can then set the COM numbers and configuration parameters to the values needed for your application. Function Support Table Model Serial Number Fixed-Base COM COM Preserver UPort® 1100 Series –  – UPort® 1200/1400/1600 Series    UPort® 2000 Series –  – COM Port Numbers Displayed in Windows System Tray UPort® Models Listed by Interface and Number of Ports Scenario 4 2 1 (D1) COM12-COM13 COM10-COM11 (D2)