Industrial USB > 13 13-8 www. m oxa. com Introduction to USB Connectivity Industrial USB Moxa’s USB 2.0 Hubs First to Receive USB-IF Certification Important Considerations for USB Devices in Industrial Applications USB (Universal Serial Bus) is the most popular interface in the IT industry today. In recent years, USB has also gained popularity in industrial applications as more and more devices support the interface. But industrial operations are more demanding than your typical office application and require additional considerations. For example, a factory floor may be subject to extreme temperatures that are too hot Although any vendor can design a USB product that meets the USB specifications, the product may not have been tested for flaws. When considering which USB product to buy, you should make sure that the product has received USB-IF certification, and that the product is listed for a consumer-grade USB hub to handle. Industrial applications also require a higher level of reliability because system downtime is not only costly but potentially dangerous. To ensure that your USB devices meet these demands, system engineers should consider the following factors when selecting a USB device for industrial environments. Moxa’s new line of industrial-grade USB hubs, the UPort® 200 and UPort® 400 series, are the world’s first to receive USB-IF certification for reliable peripheral plug-and-play devices. The hubs are designed to provide true USB 2.0 Hi-Speed 480 Mbps data transmission through each port, even for heavy-load applications. As USB-IF certified products, the UPort® 200 and UPort® 400 series have passed high- speed compliance testing and are eligible to bear the official USB logo. The UPort® 200 and UPort® 400 series are external plug-and-play hubs that can be plugged into a standard USB port for instant peripheral device connectivity. For industrial networks, high reliability can never be compromised. As defined by the USB-IF (USB Implementers Forum), certification for Moxa’s UPort® USB hubs guarantees: • 480 Mbps USB 2.0 transmissions • Device accessibility • Full power for connected devices • High-speed operation from suspend mode in the USB-IF Integrators List on the USB-IF website. Products that are certified to carry the USB logo have been tested for both reliability and interoperability. To guard against serious damage, the UPort® 200 and UPort® 400 series have doubled their ESD protection from Level 2 (4 kV) to Level 4 (8 kV) to provide 8 kV of ESD protection for direct contact and 15 kV of ESD protection for contact through the air. Wide temperature range models (UPort® 200-T and UPort® 400-T) are also available for use in extreme temperatures, ranging anywhere from -40 to 85°C. USB-IF Certification