18-2 www. m oxa. com Introduction to Automation Software Automation Software Automation Software > 18 Introduction to Automation Software Moxa’s automation software includes the MX-AOPC UA Suite and the MXIO programming library. The MX-AOPC UA Suite consists of MX-AOPC UA Server, MX-AOPC UA Viewer, and MX-AOPC UA Logger; it is a unified architecture that brings together remote industrial control systems from discrete stations and unifies them under a single, centralized monitoring and control system. MX-AOPC UA Server expands upon Moxa’s patented Active OPC monitoring technology, bringing Modbus protocol support, and providing a secure and reliable gateway between local devices and a remote SCADA system. MX-AOPC UA Viewer is an OPC client that allows users to easily view tag values and MX-AOPC UA Server status. MX-AOPC UA Logger is another handy client, which allows users to convert and upload data logs into a database. The MXIO Library offers a large repository of code for users to easily manage Moxa’s RTU or remote I/O devices over an Ethernet network.