www. m oxa. com Embedded Computers > Ready-to-Run Rcore Software Platform Embedded Computers 20-2 20 BIOS and Boot Loader Ready-to-Run Rcore Software Platform Moxa provides full-featured BIOS and boot loader solutions for both x86-based and RISC-based systems. The wide range of options and extensions provide an answer to any potential need. Key features include: BIOS Power failure recovery LVDS innovation: various resolutions supported (up to 64 options) Dynamic throttling technology Remote system wake-up Remote LAN boot Boot Loader External disk boot option MDM remote management tool to remotely update firmware or for system recovery Fast boot Boot loader customization and consulting Take advantage of Moxa’s Rcore platform to increase your competitiveness and ensure a faster time-to-market. The Rcore platform provides the following hard-to-beat benefits: Easy-to-use application libraries Consulting-level advice for application development Proven and bug-free sample code Fast concept validation and development cycle Wide compatibility with peripheral devices Secure software protocols Fast boot BIOS code customization and consulting Secure pen drive boot Operating Systems Moxa’s x86 and RISC-based embedded computers offer a powerful computing environment and stable system for a variety of industrial applications. These computers use either a Linux or Windows embedded operating system to provide programmers around the world with a user-friendly environment for application development, and help reduce the effort required for system integration. Moxa is continually on the lookout for real-time operating systems that are suitable for mission-critical applications.