www.mo xa .c o m Embedded Computers > Ready-to-Run Rcore Software Platform Industrial Computing 20-3 20 Middleware Moxa offers a variety of middleware to help you easily integrate these application modules into your system. This is essential for leveraging the key features of these modules and reducing the effort required for application development. VPN The VPN (OpenVPN, L2TP, and IPSec) middleware makes it easy for user applications to create secure tunnels between communication parties. Firewall The firewall (iptable) middleware protects enterprise information from unfriendly access. Database The database system (MySQL and MSSQL) middleware can be used to manage eld-data acquisition, with web services (Web, PHP, ASP) included to give programmers an integration framework for building Internet accessible eld applications, such as WebSCADA. Sample Code To reduce customers’ development cost, Moxa provides sample code for a wide range of embedded applications, including serial-to-Ethernet (S2E), serial-to-serial (S2S), and Modbus TCP and RTU. The high-level sample code and application libraries hide the details of implementing complex data communication by presenting relatively simple function prototypes for user applications. In addition, low-level libraries that manage direct access to peripheral I/O devices, such as LCM, keypad, digital I/O signals, and watchdog functions, are also included. With ready access to such a rich assortment of embedded applications, programmers obtain much greater flexibility than would otherwise be possible. These libraries help programmers quickly grasp the full functionality of their applications, and in this way gain the confidence needed to complete their project, speeding up product development and ensuring that code is efficient and bug-free. Download To download Sample Code, visit the following link: http://rcorecommunity.moxa.com/ samplecodedownload