www. m oxa. com Railway Computers > TC-6000 Series Expansion Modules Railway Computers 22-8 22 TC-6000 Series Expansion Modules Introduction Appearance TC-6000 series expansion modules provide peripheral interfaces for the TC-6000 series line of railway computers. These modules include a 4-port (without PoE) gigabit or megabit Ethernet switch module with M12 connectors, a mini PCIe card carrier module with four sockets, a serial module supporting four software- selectable RS-232/422/485 interfaces over a single DB44-F connector (cable adapter), and an optically isolated CAN module with two ports. The modules let system integrators and administrators easily add additional Ethernet ports and/or bandwidth, as well as serial, PCIe, and CAN interfaces to the TC-6000 series of train computers. All of the TC-6000 modules are compliant with the essential sections of the EN 50155 Class TX standard, maintaining the TC-6000 series goal of offering a highly dependable computing platform suitable for a wide variety of on-board railway applications. Peripheral modules for the TC-6000 series TC-CP02-DB-T TC-SP04-DB44-T TC-6110 Expansion Slot Location › ›TC-SP04-DB44-T: 4-port software-selectable RS- 232/422/485 over DB44-F serial module › ›TC-CP02-DB-T: 2-port optically isolated CAN module › ›TC-DK10-T/TC-DK20-T: 4-socket mini PCIe card carrier module › ›TC-SW04-M12-4P-T: 4-port megabit Ethernet switch port module with M12 connector › ›TC-SW04-M12-8P-T: 4-port gigabit Ethernet switch port module with M12 connector Expansion Modules (Slot 1 / Slot 2 / Slot 3 / Slot 4) 1 DB44-F Serial Interface TC-SP04-DB44-T Module Board 2 CAN Ports TC-CP02-DB-T Module Board