www.mo xa .c o m Embedded CPU Modules > EM-1240 Series Industrial Computing 28-9 28 EM-1240 Series RISC ready-to-run embedded core modules with 4 serial ports, dual LANs, SD The EM-1240 embedded module features 4 RS-232/422/485 serial ports, dual Ethernet ports, and an SD socket for external storage expansion. The modules have a compact design that can be easily integrated with industrial applications such as gas stations, vending machines, and ticketing machines, and offer a powerful serial communication capability for better system integration. Programmers will find that the pre-installed, ready-to-run μClinux platform and the full-function development kit make it easy to develop software and build a reliable communication base for industrial automation applications. In addition, a wide temperature model is also available to provide a reliable solution for harsh environments. Overview Appearance › ›MOXA ART ARM9 32-bit 192 MHz processor › ›16 MB RAM, 8 MB flash disk onboard › ›4 software-selectable RS-232/422/485 serial ports › ›Dual 10/100 Mbps Ethernet ports for network redundancy › ›SD signals supported for external SD socket connection › ›Built-in RTC, buzzer › ›10 GPIOs reserved for system integration › ›Ready-to-run μClinux Kernel 2.6 platform › ›Full-function development kit for quick evaluation and application development › ›-40 to 75°C wide temperature models available EM-1240 Embedded Module EM-1240 Embedded Module Bottom View Development Kit MOXA ART ARM9 32-bit Communication Processor Onboard Intel NOR Flash 8 MB onboard Flash 16 MB LAN Port 1 LAN Port 2 Power Input EM-1240 Embedded Module Serial Port 1 Serial Port 2 Top View Serial Port 3 Serial Port 4 Console Port