Corporate Information Centralized ERP & Shop Floor Mutual Backup Advantech iPlanet Care Manufacturing Our dual, world-class manufacturing centers in Taiwan and China maintain precise quality control, and offer a full range of production in a timely and cost-effective manner. To maximize the efficiency of operational procedures, we have implemented a cluster manufacturing system within our segmented manufacturing service units. This unique approach enables a direct, simplified, and highly streamlined design-to-manufacturing process. • In-house board, chassis, and system production • Dual world-class manufacturing centers minimize business risks • Advanced production capabilities and customizable processes • Rigid quality assurance system • Most complete ISO standard coverage Configure To Order Services Advantech’s Configure To Order Services (CTOS) makes industrial computing solutions more accessible by offering web-based configuration tools, comprehensive, complex assembly services with high-mix, low-volume box build and customized assembly, modification, system integration and functional testing services. • Local customized configuration services • 2 year global warranty covering system & peripherals integrated • Online intelligent configuration • Comprehensive approach to complex configuration solutions Certified Quality Assurance System Advantech has been designing and manufacturing industrial PCs according to our 3C Quality Statement: • Always strive for overall customer satisfaction • Continuous improvement • Apply closed-loop mechanisms to resolve problems At Advantech, quality is our main priority. A complete line of safety, EMC and reliability measures such as ESD, vibration, drop testing, temperature, humidity and HALT chambers are available to ensure our products meet the strictest standards. All facilities are at least ISO 9001 and 14001 certified while others hold additional certifications such as ISO 13485, 17025, TL9000 and OHSAS18001. An environmental program that focuses on reducing, reusing and recycling of materials throughout the manufacturing process is also applied at Advantech. All our products are 100% RoHS compliant and hazardous substance management system are applied to meet worldwide environmental requests. Advantech’s efforts towards environmental protection have been recognized by Sony since 2004 (Sony Green Partner). • Complete ISO coverage • Green policies • Constant quality and reliability monitoring • Ease of access to quality contacts Table of Contents