Star Product Highlights 31 Star Product Highlights Data Acquisition and Control Advantech offers a wide range of industrial data acquisition and control devices with various interfaces and functions. Based on PC technology, from ISA to PCI Express, and signal conditioning to graphical software tools, Advantech’s industrial I/O products are reliable, accurate, affordable, and suitable for diverse industrial automation applications, such as testing and measurement, laboratory operations, machine automation, and production testing. Moreover, Advantech’s latest DAQNavi I/O driver supports Windows 7, 8, 10, and Linux OS, enabling customers to seamlessly integrate Advantech’s data acquisition cards with the latest platforms for improved performance and reduced development time. Diverse Form Factors to Satisfy All DAQ Requirements PCI Express DAQ Cards PCIE-1730 32-Channel TTL and 32-Channel Isolated DI/O PCI Express Card • 16-channel TTL DI and 16-channel TTL DO with 5 V compatibility • 16-channel isolated DI and 16-channel isolated DO with 24 V compatibility • High-voltage isolation on all isolated DI/O channels (2,500 VDC) PCIE-1752/1754/1756 64-Channel Isolated DI/O PCI Express Card • PCIE-1752: 64-channel isolated DO PCIE-1754: 64-channel isolated DI PCIE-1756: 32-channel IDI, 32-channel IDO • High-voltage isolation on all channels (2,500 VDC) • Retains output settings and values after system hot resets • Interrupt handling capacity PCIE-1760 8-Channel Relay and 8-Channel Isolated DI PCI Express Card • 8-channel isolated DI with programmable digital filter • High-voltage isolation on input channels (2,500 VDC) • 2-channel Form C and 6-channel Form A relay output • 2-channel counter input (PWM output available) PCI-1714U/1714UL Simultaneous 4-Channel Analog Input PCI Card • A/D converter for each channel PCI-1714U: 12-bit, 30 MS/s, 4-channel single-ended AI PCI-1714UL: 12-bit, 10 MS/s, 4-channel single-ended AI • 30 VDC over-voltage protection PCI-1716/L 250KS/s, 16-Bit, 16-Channel Multi-Function PCI Card • 16 single-ended/8 differential/combination analog inputs • 16-bit A/D converter, up to 250 kHz sampling rate • Auto-calibration • 16-channel digital input and 16-channel digital output • 2 analog output channels (PCI-1716 only) PCI-1730U/1756 32/64-Channel Isolated DI/O Universal PCI Card • High-voltage isolation on output channels (2,500 VDC) • Wide 5 ~ 40 VDC output range • High-sink current for isolated output channels (200 mA max./channel) • Current protection for each port PCIE-1802 8-Channel, 24-Bit, 216 kS/s Dynamic Signal Acquisition PCI Express Card • 8 simultaneously sampled analog inputs, up to 216 KS/s • 24-bit resolution ADCs with 115 dB dynamic range • Wide ±0.2 ~ 10 V input range • Built-in anti-aliasing filter • Software-configurable 4/10 mA IEPE accelerometer PCIE-1840 125MS/s, 16-Bit, 4-Channel Digitizer PCI Express Card • 4 analog inputs, up to 125 MHz, 16-bit resolution • 500-MHz time-interleaved sampling • Supports non-stop data streaming • 2 GB of onboard memory • Tunable anti-aliasing filter, AC/DC coupled PCIE-1810/1816/1816H 12/16-Bit 16-Channel AI Multi-Function PCI Express Card • PCIE-1810 & PCIE-1816: 500 KS/s PCIE-1816H: 1 MS/s • Analog and digital triggers • Waveform generator for AO • 24 programmable digital I/O lines • Two 32-bit programmable counters/timers PCI DAQ Cards Table of Contents