Corporate Information The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is set to open up a new era of industrial applications, booming opportunities and economic growth. The IIoT is a matrix of networks that connects people with data and intelligent machines in order to optimize industrial operations, productivity and efficiency. To support the growth of IIoT, Advantech provides products and services that build the IIoT infrastructure and strengthen their offerings with four layers including, IoT Sensing Devices, Edge Intelligence Servers (EIS), IoT Cloud Platforms, and Solution Ready Platform (SRP). Advantech is devoted to leveraging its computing, data acquisition and networking competence to provide customer-centric products and solutions for key growth areas in Industry 4.0, Energy & Environment, and Transportation. The following are our highlights for these three key areas. To realize Industry 4.0, Advantech has initiated three strategic phases. The first phase is the implementation of equipment connectivity: devices, machines, production lines and factories are all connected and therefore data acquisition, as well as process visualization can be fulfilled. In the second phase, data integration and valued-added products and services are introduced for integrated manufacturing. The final phase is to accelerate intelligent innovation and big data analysis which ultimately leads to a business model revolution. With Industry 4.0, Advantech enables network-connected iFactory and iMachinery to boost the transformation of smart manufacturing. In the realm of intelligent machines, Advantech focuses on Ethernet based solutions as well as integrated motion control and machine vision for machine automation applications. Advantech develops products for ARM/DSP/FPGA processors for specific industries, and also provides Solution Ready Platforms (SRP) to help system integrator partners quickly develop different applications for end customers. Through various platforms integrated with motion and machine vision solution modules, Advantech fulfills demands in new machine automation projects and positions itself as a leading PC-based MA solution provider. Advancing Key Growth Areas in Industry 4.0, Energy & Environment and Transportation Demystifying Industry 4.0: Making iFactory and iMachinery Accessible Table of Contents