www.advantech.com/products Online Download Features ADAM-5000/485 ADAM-5000E Introduction The ADAM-5000/485 and ADAM-5000E systems conform to the EIA RS-485 communication standard. This is the industry's most widely used, balanced, bidirectional transmission line standard. RS-485 was specifically developed for industrial applications to transmit and receive data at high rates over long distances. Specifications Control System ƒ ƒ CPU 16-bit 80188 microprocessor ƒ ƒ I/O Slots ADAM-5000/485: 4 ADAM-5000E: 8 ƒ ƒ LED Indicators Power, CPU, communications ƒ ƒ Watchdog Timer 1.6 sec. (System) Communications ƒ ƒ Command Format ASCII command/response protocol, Modbus/RTU ƒ ƒ Communication RS-485: 1.2 km (4000 feet) Distance ƒ ƒ Data Format Asynchronous. 1 start bit, 8 data bits, 1 stop bit, no parity ƒ ƒ Network Protocols Programming link: RS-232 (3-wire: TX, RX, GND) Communication: RS-485 (2-wire) ƒ ƒ Reliability Check Communication error checking with checksum ƒ ƒ Max. Nodes 128 (in RS-485 daisy-chain network) ƒ ƒ Speeds (kbps) 1.2, 2.4, 4.8, 9.6, 19.2, 38.4, 57.6, and 115.2 Power ƒ ƒ Power Consumption 3 W @ 24 VDC (ADAM-5000/485) (not including I/O modules) 4.0 W @ 24 VDC (ADAM-5000E) (not including I/O modules) ƒ ƒ Power Input Unregulated 10 ~ 30 VDC Software ƒ ƒ Driver Support Windows DLL, OPC Server, Wonderware InTouch, Intellution, iFIX, Citect, Advantech Studio, ADAMView ƒ ƒ C and .NET Class Library Protection ƒ ƒ Communication Line 2,500 VDC (ADAM-5000/485) Isolation 3,000 VDC (ADAM-5000E) ƒ ƒ I/O Module Isolation 3,000 VDC ƒ ƒ Transient Protection RS-485 communication lines, power input ƒ ƒ Power Reversal Yes Protection General ƒ ƒ Certification CE, FM ƒ ƒ Connectors 1 x DB9-M/DB9-F/screw terminal for RS-485 (communication) 1 x DB9-F for RS-232 (configuration) 1 x Screw-terminal for power input ƒ ƒ Dimensions (WxHxD) 4-slot: 231 x 110 x 75 mm 8-slot: 355 x 110 x 75 mm ƒ ƒ Enclosure ABS+PC ƒ ƒ Mounting DIN-rail, wall, rack (with mounting kit) Environment ƒ ƒ Humidity 5 ~ 95%, non-condensing ƒ ƒ Operating Temperature -10 ~ 70°C (14 ~ 158°F) ƒ ƒ Storing Temperature -25 ~ 85°C (-13 ~ 185°F) Ordering Information ƒ ƒ ADAM-5000/485 4-slot Distributed DA & C System for RS-485 ƒ ƒ ADAM-5000E 8-slot Distributed DA & C System for RS-485 ƒ ƒ RS-485 communication for easy installation and networking ƒ ƒ 4 or 8 slots for up to 128 points data monitoring card control in one module ƒ ƒ Extensive software support, includes windows DLL drivers, OCX drivers, OPC server and popular HMI/SCADA software drivers ƒ ƒ Seamlessly integrated with easy-to-use ADAMView data acquisition software ƒ ƒ Supports ADAM ASCII protocol or Modbus® /RTU protocol ƒ ƒ Supports Modbus/RTU protocol with user-defined Modbus address 4-slot Distributed DA&C System for RS-485 8-slot Distributed DA&C System for RS-485 RoHS COMPLIANT 2002/95/EC Power & Energy Automation 8 5 4 4 10 Panel PCs 9 iDoor Technology Modules 8 Industrial monitors 7 Industrial IoT Gateways 6 Control Cabinet PCs High-Performance Control Panels Industrial Operator Panels 3 2 IntelligentMotionControl andMachineVision 1 11 Control IPCs 12 Remote DA&C Systems 13 Wireless IoT Sensing Devices 14 Ethernet I/O Modules 15 RS-485 I/O Modules 16 Thin-Client Terminals Industrial Ethernet Solutions 17 IP Gateway and Serial Device Servers iNetworking 18 19 WebAccess+ Solution Chapter 13 Table of Contents Table of Contents