Star Product Highlights Star Product Highlights 30 Machine Automation Integrated Soft Computing to Enable Intelligent Machines Advantech developed its own SoftMotion control and GoE (GigE Vision offload engine) and uses the FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array) and DSP (Digital Signal Processing) as the core-computing hardware platform. Advantech’s motion control card and frame grabber series use Ethernet-based EtherCAT and GigE Vision technologies to provide the best performance PC-based solutions in machine automation. Meanwhile, our team not only develop cards, but also provide SRPs (Solution Ready Package) based on computing platforms to fulfill the demands from SI partners and end customers. PCIE-1672E/ 1674E Dual/Quad Channel, PoE Interface Card • Intel® server-grade GbE Mac Controller • PCI ExpressR x 4 compliant • PoE power from PCIe slot (Total Max. 18W) • Powered Device (PD) auto detection and classification • Supports IEEE 802.3u Auto-Negotiation • Supports Jumbo frame (9,500 byte) and link aggregation PCIE-1172/ 1174 Dual/Quad Channel, Intelligent GigE Vision Frame Grabber with GoE • GoE (GigE Vision Offload Engine), FPGA image reconstruction, No packet loss, No CPU workload • GigE Vision, GENiCAM and GENTL Compliant • AD Hoc, automatic IP configuration • Direct power from PCIe slot (Total Max. 18W) • ToE (Trigger over Ethernet) PCI-1245L/ 1245LIO/ 1245E/ 1285E Basic/Economic 4/8-axis Stepping and Servo Motor Control PCI Card • P2P/Linear interpolation/Homing • Extra 16 x DI /16 x DO extension (PCI-1245LIO) (NEW) • Path table & Path DO (PCI-1245E/85E) (NEW) PCI-1245/ 1265/ 1285 Standard SoftMotion 4/6/8-axis Stepping and Servo Motor Control PCI Card • Precise multi-axis synchronization • 2/3-axis Arc move (NEW) • High speed 2D compare trigger (NEW) • Tangential following • 8 x DI / 8 x DO / 2 x AI (PCI-1265) • Functions supported by Economic version PCI-1203 EtherCAT Master PCI Card • Supports up to 32 axis and huge I/O points by cycle time = 500us • Integrated Advantech Common Motion SDK for user programming • Diagnostics for fast error handling ADAM-5000/ECAT 4-slot Distributed High Speed I/O System for EtherCAT • Complete DI/O, AI/O and Encoder modules support • Supports EtherCAT Distributed Clock (DC) mode and SyncManager mode • Compatible with Advantech Common Motion SDK Features • Ready-to-use Softmotion functions for EtherCAT high axis and huge I/O applications • Real-Time & No Packet Loss on any computing platform GigE Vision Solutions EtherCAT Solutions Motion Control PCI Cards Master Master I/O Slave Motion Slave Slave Basic / Economic Advanced Features • Softmotion functions for vertical application • Guarantee deterministic control • Ready-to-use cables for brand motors Features • IEEE 802.3af, PoE compliant • PoE power from PCIe slot (Total Max. 18W) • Free SDK to develop and deploy Motion Cards Motors Terminal Boards Frame Grabber Camera & lighting Table of Contents