Control IPCs SoftLogic Control Software Advantech CODESYS Introduction For traditional PLC controllers, the development environment will vary depending on the PLC supplier and they are not compatible with each other. Our control IPC adopts the international standard IEC 61131-3 based on PLCopen, established to standardize multiple languages, sets of instructions and different concepts existing in the field of automation systems. Therefore, these programming languages which comply with the IEC 61131-3 standard, usually called SoftLogic software, enable users to leverage PLC-world typical programming interfaces. But they can also benefit from a portability of all platforms and shorten the learning curve from that of the traditional PLC. Advantech CODESYS Architecture Advantech supports all kinds of CODESYS runtime, including RTE, SoftMotion and CNC which based on Windows embedded 7 operation system. Its runtime doesn't only support SoftLogic control, but also visualization, which includes Target(local HMI) and Web(Browser-based). CODESYS help to make Advantech control IPC has real-time logic control and HMI within one control platform. Advantech Function Blocks For communication with higher-level systems and the IT world, Advantech CODESYS provides our own function block to help customer has the way to connect to other Ethernet based devices with specific protocol or database, likes SQL server. we will continue implement more and more based on PLCopen to fulfill IIoT application. Chapter 12 Table of Contents Table of Contents