Remote DA&C Systems iRTU Overview Introduction ADAM-3600 series is a new ADAM series for RTU applications that leverages IoT technology. They feature high environmental adaptability so they can work in remote locations and their new form factor is suitable for installation in control cabinets. Their domain focused on-board I/O design and 4-slot I/O expansion capability provides maximum flexibility to serve a multitude of applications with fewer IO requirements. Advantech TagLink, Core Technology for Big-data Application in IoT Era Advantech TagLink is a new technology used with ADAM-3600 series products. It is a technology which helps users access data easily and intuitively as a tag. In the IoT era, data is the primary concern of customers. But for traditional RTU devices, users need to take care of the IO source, scaling, unit translation and communication with other software. With TagLink, users can access the data directly on ADAM-3600 via the tag name . By setting up the “tags”, users can then retrieve the physical unit which is well scaled in ADAM-3600. To achieve this, we provide a configuration utility for users to easily map the I/O data. In an on-site application, one or several RTU devices may have been installed. We provide tool to carry out the configuration and management of these RTU devices as well as the whole project in a unified and user-friendly way so more of your resources can be freed. TagLink Studio helps you configure and manage devices and projects which may have multipledevicesunderit.Moreover,AdvantechTagLinksupportsvariousstandardprotocols such as: Modbus, DNP3 and IEC-104, which can realize multiple communications between RTU and devices or meters. As an Industrial IoT core technology, Advantech TagLink provides a solution which centralizes data access and activates connectivity, diagnosis and web services altogether within the software. Advantech TagLink enables local data to be exchanged between independent devices and applications. Mass data can be filtered out which saves IT maintenance cost and time. When Advantech TagLink is deployed with Advantech WebAccess, active connection and breakpoint resume services could be provided to ensure the reliability of data transmissions. Advantech TagLink provides an open interface for customized protocols or algorithms and with standard Linux C language, it also provides logic control based on IEC-61131 to complete local data pretreatment. Features ƒ ƒ Unified interface, for easy engineering ƒ ƒ Open interface for multiple possibilities ƒ ƒ Quick and easy connection with WebAccess ƒ ƒ High-way to the cloud ƒ ƒ Multiple communication drivers, DNP3, IEC 60870, and Modbus ƒ ƒ Data Export through Web page Vertical Driven Product Development The ADAM-3600 series are intelligent RTU terminal units for many types of application fields. Their primary purpose is to execute programmed tasks locally and report back to the datacenter in the cloud. To fit every conceivable vertical application, the unit needs to have certain vertical features such as domain protocols and algorithms. It must also be a trusted embedded platform which can protect customer’s domain intelligence. Developers can use familiar programming languages such as C+ or the 5 main PLC languages defined by IEC-61131-3. The ADAM-3600-C2G is designed for the oil & gas and water markets and focuses on monitoring, gathering and transmission of data over a wide area. It's equipped with an on-board IO which fulfills most application scenarios in the field. The modularized expansion IO and communication module provide users with maximum flexibility to adapt to field applications. It can also easily integrate with Advantech WebAccess SCADA software and provide users with a complete solution. The ADAM-3600-A1F focuses on realizing a Smart City vision by leveraging IoT technology. Through it, users can access data directly from the cloud using standard IT languages. To secure user data, it can log all data in the SD/USB storage. It also provides a friendly interface for users to monitor, maintain and upgrade the device. ADAM-3600's development team will continue cultivating vertical markets, and provide new models and firmware upgrades to service more requirements for IoT applications. Due to the flexible open system architecture, we can rapidly fulfill any customization requirements. Structure Control Linux C SDK/API XML Configuration File Customized Protocol or Algorithm Data Acquisition Calculation Diagnosis Web Server Logger Protocol Cloud Connection I/O Tag Sys. Tag Calc. Tag User Tag Real-time DB Chapter 13 Table of Contents Table of Contents