Remote DA&C Systems Maximum System Design Flexibility The ADAM-5000's modular design allows users to tailor solutions based on their own requirements. Built-in programmable I/O ranges and alarm outputs enhance flexibility in system design. A variety of communication media such as twisted-pair wiring, radio modems and fiber optics are supported. System Maintenance and Troubleshooting The ADAM-5000 series uses hardware self-test and software diagnosis to monitor system problems. Also included is a watchdog timer that monitors the microprocessor. If the system crashes, the watchdog automatically resets the system. Node ID setting is easily accomplished by setting a DIP switch on the front of the system. Easy Installation and Networking The ADAM-5000 series can be easily mounted on a DIN-rail or panel. Signal connections, network modifications and maintenance are simple and quick. Building a multi-drop network only requires a single twisted pair of wires. Proven for Industrial Environments The ADAM-5000 series can operate in industrial environments at temperatures between -10 and 70°C, and can use unregulated power sources between 10 and 30 VDC. These units are protected against accidental power supply reversals. A 3-way isolation design (I/O, power & communication) prevents ground loops and reduces the effect of electrical noise in the system. Extensive Software Support The ADAM-5000 series is supported by most standard process controls and HMI software. .NET Class LIB is provided for use with Windows applications. OPC drivers provide links to a wide range of HMI/SCADA software packages such as InTouch, FIX and ICONICS. Advantech data acquisition software and Advantech Studio SCADA/ HMI software are both tightly integrated with the ADAM- 5000 systems. Distributed I/O Systems & PC-based Controllers DIN-rail Mounting Installed on industrial standard DIN-rails Simple & Low Cost Network Panel/Wall Mounting Flat surface system mounting Node ID Setting 8-pin dip switch configuration Connection Pre-wired plug-in terminals with I/O modules ADAM5000 ADAM5000 ADAM5000 ADAM5000 ADAM5000 ADAM5000 Computer System Repeater Ethernet RS-485 Modbus/RTU ADAM5000 ADAM5000 ADAM5000 Digital I/O Digital I/O Thermocouple Digital I/O RTD Hub Data Gateway RS-232 RS-485 Chapter 13 Table of Contents Table of Contents