Control IPCs Control IPC Overview Introduction Advantech offers PAC solutions designed for industrial automation applications that combine the openness and flexibility of PCs with the reliability of traditional automation controllers, such as PLCs. Advantech’s offerings include the APAX series, ADAM-5000 series, utilizing sophisticated thermal designs to ensure the system stability. APAX series support Windows CE, Windows 7/10 and Linux operating systems. Advantech’s Control IPCs are ideal platforms to implement in diverse applications, such as power/energy, transportation, machine automation, factory automation, building automation, facility management system, environment monitoring, and more. Real-time Control IPC: APAX Series APAX series are Ethernet-enabled controllers allowing users to deploy I/O modules in flexible expansion combinations, like direct stack or daisy-chain. The control performance and functionality are not only better than PLCs, but also better than most PC-based controllers. Features including versatile CPU modules, I/O modules designed as reliable as PLC I/Os, high density I/Os with LEDs, hot swap and stackable functionality are delivered. Both C/C++ and .NET library, and IEC 61131-3 languages are provided as programming tools. Data Acquisition Control IPC: ADAM-5000 Series ADAM-5000 series are modularized I/Os to be inserted on backplanes with fixed slot numbers. Leveraging Advantech’s rich experience in industrial data acquisition applications, ADAM-5000 offers a compact control system. Inheriting the reliability and robustness of a PLC system, ADAM-5000 offers the openness and flexibility of a PC, including computing power, networking and storage capability. Both C/C++ and .NET libraries and IEC 61131-3 languages are provided as programming tools. Automation Controllers Advantech’s Embedded Automation Computers are designed to fulfill the needs of mission critical automation applications. Their embedded design, industrial automation features and advanced computer technology deliver robustness, reliability and flexibility to satisfy customers who are looking for a rugged and compact computing platform. They support various interfaces to integrate with other devices, such as Ethernet, RS-232/422/485, onboard I/O, extension PC card slots, CAN-bus and more. Through standard Ethernet networking, these computers can link to Advantech remote I/O solutions, such as APAX- 5000 high density I/O (through APAX-5070 Modbus/TCP coupler module) or ADAM-6000 series compact modules, to get data and perform control tasks. Chapter 12 Table of Contents Table of Contents