www.advantech.com/products Online Download Overview Advantech and Industrial SCADA Software Support The ADAM-2000 series can be configured through the Adam/Apax .NET Utility. Only a few steps are required, and wirelessnetworkscanbebuiltupquickly.DuetotheModbus protocol design, the ADAM-2000 series can support any third-party SCADA software and HMI, including Advantech SCADA software, WebAccess. SCADA Software Support Ensured Data Design The ADAM-2000 family has a tracking mechanism feature to ensure data communication processes can be successfully transferred between the coordinator and end device before the device enters sleep mode. Site Survey Monitoring ADAM-2000 modules provide the Adam/Apax .Net utility to achieve easier network setup and remote maintenance tasks. ThetopologymonitoringofADAM-2000networkusesadrag and drop interface allowing users to choose the working field image for monitoring backgrounds, and lists the relations amongADAM-2000modulesallillustratedonasinglepage. Through site survey monitoring, users can comprehensively learn about each device location, current status and information in customized background. Over The Air (OTA) Firmware Update ADAM-2000 modules with strengthened firmware have a stable backup buffer and security mechanism allowing wireless module firmware updates during operation. Event Triggering ADAM-2000 digital input modules are empowered with an Event Triggering function. When receiving DI status change, ADAM-2000 digital input modules will wake up immediately from sleep mode and send I/O data to a coordinator. This avoids the missing of events during operation. Power & Energy Automation 8 5 4 4 10 Panel PCs 9 iDoor Technology Modules 8 Industrial monitors 7 Industrial IoT Gateways 6 Control Cabinet PCs High-Performance Control Panels Industrial Operator Panels 3 2 IntelligentMotionControl andMachineVision 1 11 Control IPCs 12 Remote DA&C Systems 13 Wireless IoT Sensing Devices 14 15 RS-485 I/O Modules 16 Thin-Client Terminals Industrial Ethernet Solutions 17 IP Gateway and Serial Device Servers iNetworking 18 19 WebAccess+ Solution Ethernet I/O Modules Chapter 14 Table of Contents Table of Contents