Intelligent Motion Control and Machine Vision Features AMAX-1752 AMAX-1754 AMAX-1756 Specifications Isolated Digital Input ƒ ƒ Channels AMAX-1752: 32 AMAX-1756: 16 ƒ ƒ Input Type Dry contact ƒ ƒ Isolation Protection 2,500 VRMS ƒ ƒ Opto-Isolator Response 100 μs (max.) ƒ ƒ Input Resistance 3.2kΩ Isolated Digital Output ƒ ƒ Channels AMAX-1754: 32 AMAX-1756: 16 ƒ ƒ Output Type Sink (NPN) (open collector Darlington transistors) ƒ ƒ Isolation Protection 2,500 VRMS ƒ ƒ Output Voltage 10 ~ 30 VDC ƒ ƒ Sink Current 1 ch: 500 mA (1 port) General ƒ ƒ Bus Type AMONet RS-485 ƒ ƒ Certification CE, FCC Class A ƒ ƒ Connectors (1) RJ-45 x 2 are for communication port (2) I/O points use screw terminal type connector ƒ ƒ Dimensions 141 x 95 x 60 mm (5.6" x 3.7" x 2.4") ƒ ƒ Power Consumption 600mW typical, 2 W max. ƒ ƒ Power Input 24 VDC within 200 mA ripple ƒ ƒ Power Supply for DIO 10 ~ 30 VDC (2A max) ƒ ƒ Humidity 5 ~ 95% RH, non-condensing (IEC 60068-2-3) ƒ ƒ Operating Temperature 0 ~ 60°C (32 ~ 140°F) Ordering Information ƒ ƒ AMAX-1752-AE Open Frame Type 32-ch Isolated Digital Input AMONet Module ƒ ƒ AMAX-1754-AE Open Frame Type 32-ch Isolated Digital Output AMONet Module ƒ ƒ AMAX-1756-AE Open Frame Type 16/16-ch Isolated Digital I/O AMONet Module Introduction The AMAX-1752, AMAX-1754 and AMAX-1756 are compact open frame designs for horizontal placement, on-board screw terminal for direct wiring and on-board easily-visible LED indicators are for system diagnosis. All the digital I/O slave modules could be connected and distributed by standard LAN cables thereby saving wiring costs and maintenance. Three models are introduced: 32-ch digital input (AMAX-1752), 32-ch digital output (AMAX-1754) and 16-ch digital input/output (AMAX-1756). According to maximum communication baud rate, 2048 I/O points can be scanned and updated within 1.04 ms. ƒ ƒ Communication baud rate, 2.5Mbps, 5Mbps, 10Mbps and 20Mbps are supported and switchable ƒ ƒ Onboard screw terminal for direct wiring ƒ ƒ 2,500 VRMS Isolation voltage ƒ ƒ Suitable for DIN-rail mounting ƒ ƒ BoardID is switchable ƒ ƒ Easily visible LED indicators on board to do diagnosis Open Frame Type 32-ch Isolated Digital Input/Output Slave Modules AMAX-1752 AMAX-1754 AMAX-1756 RoHS COMPLIANT 2002/95/EC Chapter 2 Table of Contents Table of Contents