5-13 www.mo xa .c o m Industrial Ethernet 5 MXconfig Industrial Network Security and Management > CPU 2 GHz or faster dual core CPU RAM 256 MB Hard Disk Space 1 GB Operating System Windows XP Professional, Windows 7 (32/64-bit), Windows 8 (32/64-bit), Windows 10 (32/64-bit), Windows Server 2008 (32/64-bit), Windows Server 2012 (32/64-bit) System Requirements • Useful mass status overview and configuration check for each managed function. • Generate reports on each managed function for multiple devices in the network. Configuration Overview and Documentation File Export Status Overview • Export multiple configuration files with flexible filenames and import multiple configuration files to multiple devices. • Export device list for easy backup, and import device list for quick searching. Supported Devices MXconfig V2.3 supports the following devices: Series Model Name Firmware AWK Series AWK-1121 V1.4 AWK-1127 V1.4 AWK-3121 V1.10 AWK-3121-SSC-RTG V1.4 AWK-3121-M12-RTG V1.4 AWK-3131 V1.2 AWK-3131-M12-RCC V1.0 AWK-4121 V1.10 AWK-4131 V1.2 AWK-5222 V1.7 AWK-5232 V1.3 AWK-6222 V1.7 AWK-6232 V1.3 EDR Series EDR-810 V3.2 EDS Series EDS-405A/408A V3.1 EDS-405A/408A-EIP V3.1 EDS-405A/408A-PN V3.1 EDS-405A-PTP V3.3 EDS-505A/508A/516A V3.1 EDS-510A V3.1 EDS-518A V3.1 EDS-510E/518E V4.0 EDS-G508E/G512E/ G516E V4.0 EDS-G512E-8PoE V4.0 EDS-608/611/616/619 V3.1 EDS-728 V3.1 EDS-828 V3.1 EDS-G509 V3.1 EDS-P510 V3.1 EDS-P510A-8PoE V3.1 EDS-P506A-4PoE V3.1 Series Model Name Firmware ICS Series ICS-G7526/G7528 V3.1 ICS-G7826/G7828 V3.1 ICS-G7748/G7750/ G7752 V3.1 ICS-G7848/G7850/ G7852 V3.1 ICS-G7526A/G7528A V4.0 ICS-G7826A/G7828A V4.0 ICS-G7748A/G7750A/ G7752A V4.0 ICS-G7848A/G7850A/ G7852A V4.0 IEX Series IEX-402-SHDSL V1.0 IEX-402-VDSL2 V1.0 IKS Series IKS-6726/6728 V3.1 IKS-G6524 V3.1 IKS-G6824 V3.1 IKS-6728-8PoE V3.1 IKS-6726A/6728A V4.0 IKS-G6524A V4.0 IKS-G6824A V4.0 IKS-6728A-8PoE V4.0 MGate Series MGate MB3170 V1.0 MGate MB3180 V1.0 MGate MB3270 V1.0 MGate MB3280 V1.0 MGate MB3480 V1.0 MGate MB3660 V1.0 MGate EIP3170 V1.0 MGate EIP3270 V1.0 MGate 5101-PBM-MN V1.1 MGate 5102-PBM-PN V1.1 MGate 5105-MB-EIP V1.0 MGate W5108 V1.2 MGate W5208 V1.2 Series Model Name Firmware NPort Series NPort S8455 V1.4 NPort S8458 V1.4 PT Series PT-7528 V3.1 PT-7710 V3.1 PT-7728 V3.1 PT-7828/7828-PTP V3.1 PT-G7509 V3.1 PT-508/510 V3.1 TN Series TN-5508/5510 V3.1 TN-5516/5518 V3.1 TN-5508-4PoE V3.1 TN-5510-PoE V3.1 TN-5516-8PoE V3.1 TN-5518-PoE V3.1 VPort Series VPort 26A-1MP V1.2 VPort 36-1MP V1.1 VPort P06-1MP-M12 V2.2 Note: • MXconfig supports the listed and higher firmware versions. • Additional model names will be added as MXconfig is updated. Check Moxa’s website for the most up-to-date information.