Device Connectivity 14-29 xa .c o m Device Connectivity Fiber Test Mode Redundant Power Isolation Protection To help ensure that your system works nonstop, the ICF-1170I CAN- to-fiber converter comes with a built-in redundant power input that is activated automatically when the primary power input fails. In addition, A special feature of the ICF-1170I CAN-to-fiber converter is its 2 kV isolation protection to protect the converter in environments with high electromagnet activity. an alarm contact will be activated when the redundant power input is activated. Special Features Serial Media Converters > Introduction to CAN-to-Fiber Media Converters 14 The ICF-1170I supports a special feature called Fiber Test Mode, which is easily activated with a DIP switch on the ICF-1170I’s outer panel. Fiber Test Mode can be used to test the fiber cable between two ICF- 1170I units and provides a simple way to determine if the fiber cable is transmitting data correctly. When in Fiber Test Mode, the fiber transceiver (TX) will continuously send out a data signal and the “Fiber TX” LED will light up. On the other side of the connection, when the ICF-1170I fiber transceiver (RX) receives the data signal from the TX side, the “Fiber RX” LED will light up. If both the “Fiber TX” and “Fiber RX” LEDs light up at the same time, it means the fiber transmission between the two converters is okay, and the fiber cable is connected properly. If the test fails, you should check the fiber cable and fiber connectors to determine the cause of the transmission error. Fiber-optic communication is working properly when both the TX and RX LEDs light up. Fiber test mode on Fiber TX LED light on Fiber RX LED light on