www.mo xa .c o m Industrial Wireless 6 Industrial Wireless LAN Solutions > Introduction to Industrial Wireless LAN Solutions Enabling Mobile Wi-Fi Networks for the Industrial Internet of Things 6-3 Introduction to Industry has already accepted wireless networking as an excellent solution for many different applications. The main advantages are the convenience of connecting devices without relying on wired networks, and avoiding the cost of installing wire conduits at sites where doing so would be prohibitive. In this age of the Industrial Internet of Things (IoT), mobile Wi-Fi networks are the cornerstones of industrial applications as many of them include equipment that’s constantly on the move. Automated guided vehicles, transport vehicles, and other vehicles that use Wi-Fi technology to connect to a single converged network can take advantage of the continuing improvements in IEEE 802.11 technology, which include higher bandwidth protocols and IP-based networking that make it possible to enable big bandwidth communication from wired to wireless Ethernet networks for the Industrial IoT. IEEE 802.11 technology gives networks an effective range of only a few hundred meters. When wireless clients are on moving objects they need to “roam” between many wireless access points. However, in many applications, users need an uninterrupted network data connection when the client moves from one access point to another. Without fast roaming time, constant roaming could create frequent handoffs and poor performance. Moxa’s proprietary Turbo Roaming has a fast handover time of less than 150 ms. Turbo Roaming increases the roaming speed by pre-defining AP channels and avoiding wasted channel-hopping time while roaming. Moxa’s APs support Turbo Roaming technology to provide fast seamless roaming on wireless networks. Wi-Fi Networks Enable a Variety of Mobile Applications Automated Guided Vehicles Mining Transportation IEEE 802.11 is not a wholesale replacement of broadband, but it is a fast and efficient way to distribute broadband transmissions. Wireless communication provides an easier way to connect devices, particularly in remote locations or harsh environments. Industrial Wireless LAN Solutions Client-Based Turbo Roaming for Seamless Connections Although the Industrial IoT increases the ability of machine to machine communications, it also increases the risk of downtime on these large converged networks due to their single point of failure. Constructing a reliable mobile Wi-Fi network is essential to minimizing system downtime and achieving non-stop operation for industrial applications. Moxa’s industrial wireless LAN solutions offer high reliability and availability features that make it easy for industrial operators to build an unbreakable wireless network that takes advantage of all the latest innovations to deliver substantial cost savings, easier set up and maintenance, and greater operational efficiency.